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A Texas Man Started to Transform an Old School Bus into a Home. Check Out The Result!

A Texas Man Started to Transform an Old School Bus into a Home. Check...

Michael Talley is a graphic designer living in Texas. He paid a lot of money every month for rent, but he finally got enough of this and started to work on something that would change his life forever. He came up with the idea of transforming an old school bus into his permanent home. He never built anything like this before, so it sure wasn’t easy, but the result speaks for itself. Look at how the bus looks like after the transformation!
You Wouldn't Believe What This 96 Year-Old Lady Did to Her Home!

You Wouldn’t Believe What This 96 Year-Old Lady Did to Her Home!

There’s a 96 year-old lady called Joyce, who did something spectacular with her home in a way that even her neighbors didn’t notice it. She had a nice house in Toronto which she decorated on the inside secretly, in the style of the 1950s. She lived in this house for 70 years and she spent most of her time decorating. Was it worth it? Check it out!
20 DIY Decorating Ideas for Kids' Rooms

20 DIY Decorating Ideas for Kids’ Rooms

Kids are fun. Decorating kids' rooms is also fun! Let your creativity fly back to your own childhood days and don’t be afraid to add some whimsical charm.