20 DIY Decorating Ideas for Kids’ Rooms

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Kids are fun. Decorating kids’ rooms is also fun! Let your creativity fly back to your own childhood days and don’t be afraid to add some whimsical charm. Do It Yourself projects are awesome for any home décor project. However, they are often even more fun when dealing with your children’s room. Make their space feel as special as they are and allow for maximum creativity and fun!

#20 Wood Toy Bins

20 DIY Decorating Ideas for Kids' Rooms
Courtesy of: themerrythought.com

Grab some 1×12 pine boards and some wood cutting, gluing and finishing tools! Simply cut one long back board, two equal pieces for top and bottom, and three equal pieces for each side, plus two middle shelves and three pieces for each set of angular reaches for toys to have a little extra room! Sand all wood and super glue together for the perfect toy bins!

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