20 DIY Lighting Ideas to Make Your Garden a Wonderful Place

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There is nothing more relaxing than chilling in your own garden with your friends and family members on a cool summer night, eating snacks, drinking wine and talking for hours. But for the safety of your own, and of the wine glasses of course, you will need some lighting, and if you have the chance to decide what kind you use, why not make it a trendy one? Check out 20 ideas for the perfect lighting in your garden.

#20 Decorate your pavilion with glowing garlands

20 DIY Lightning Ideas to Make Your Garden a Wonderful Place
Courtesy of: alicdn.com

A pavilion is enough to make a get-together awesome, but with some lightbulbs and creativity, it can be an even more gorgeous sight, especially at night. Try to link the garland on the frame of the pavilion, or if it has smooth walls, you can still glue them there.

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