10 Of The Most Bizarre Houses In The World


In the world of architecture, homes are often compared to their neighbors. There’s no shortage of homes that look like they belong in a neighborhood with similar houses—and then there are homes that stand out from the rest.

You might think these houses would be sold for less than others, but you’d be wrong. The weird and wonderful houses on this list have all been purchased for millions of dollars, yet they’re still far more interesting than regular houses!

Not all homes are square or rectangular. In fact, some of them are so unique that you’d have to travel around the world just to see them all. From space ships to dog houses and toilet-shaped dwellings, these 10 houses may be costly but they’re worth it!

10. Space Ship House, Tennessee: Price $119,000

Space Ship House, Tennessee:
courtesy of: pinterest.com

This house is called the “Space Ship House” and has a spaceship-like design. It was built in 1971 by architect James Hampton and measures 2000 square feet. Hampton wanted to create something that would inspire people to think about space technology, so he designed this house with a spaceship-like design. As a result, the house was featured in publications such as Time magazine, news reports, and TV programs.

The Space Ship House has six pillars that hold it up, with parking for your cars underneath the structure; there are also stairs leading up to the residence’s front door (which looks like it’s suspended from a ship). Three bedrooms can fit comfortably inside this two-bathroom home—with plenty of room upstairs! It sits right next to where the Tennessee River meets its tributaries; it’s no wonder this area is considered one of America’s most beautiful spots!



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