Best Cities to Live and Work as a Digital Nomad


Nowadays, being a digital nomad is becoming more and more interesting for people from all around the world. In the age of digitalism, it’s rather easy to find work that you can do using only your computer and the internet. The most appealing aspect of working from your computer is that you don’t have to be tied up in the office – you can go anywhere in the world and explore everything you’ve ever wanted while also working and earning money.

Digital nomad destinations are countless in numbers. Choosing the top best destinations for digital nomads you must count on certain aspects that needs to be covered. This needs to be done because digital nomads also require some supportive working environment which they could adopt, which includes Internet availability and speed, cost of living, healthcare and weather.

Keeping in mind all those aspects here is the list of top 20 destination for digital nomads:

20. Athens, Greece

The 20 Best Cities to Live and Work as a Digital Nomad
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It must be stated in this list of top 20 destinations for digital nomads, as it is extremely photogenic. Athens is on the list for most explorers, and it’s feasible to live and work here as a digital nomad. You’ll have numerous activities, from investigating mind-blowing verifiable sights, to tasting on Greek espresso in curious bars, to enjoying the best Greek delicacies in the city.



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