Top 11 Gorgeous Rooftop Gardens Ideas

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City dwellers no longer need to seek out a rare park to escape the concrete jungle, as many can find a relaxing, lush atmosphere above the penthouse in their apartment buildings. Rooftop gardens offer a relaxing escape from city life while promoting sustainability by using an often overlooked aspect of buildings – their tops. This list of the Top 11 Rooftop Gardens includes locations from all over the world, each with their own unique qualities and spectacular views. Read on to find a place for solace in your city, or to find inspiration for your own urban abode.

11. Upscale Entertaining

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This rooftop provides a luxurious place to entertain family and friends within urban environment. The garden borrows features of more traditional intimate patios and backyards, such as natural woods, brick, pathway lighting, and candles. The multiple levels of this outdoor space allow for numerous types of events and groups to meet, demonstrating a more dynamic and fluid space for a party or gathering. While the bright lights and tall concrete structures can be seen in the distance, this rooftop feels cozy and inviting.

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