20 Tech Hacks That’ll Make Your Life Easier

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In the digital era, when we try to solve our everyday problems with tech devices, sometimes we can be fed up with all the digital stuff around us. When we can’t turn on the lights without a controller or can’t park our car without a parking aid, it can be really frustrating that we always depend on something else other than ourselves to help us with our problems. Unfortunately we can’t really offer you an alternative, but to help you reduce the time that you spend with these devices, we gathered 20 tech hacks that’ll make your everyday use of technology more easy and fun.

20. Use Your Headphone As a Mic

20 Tech Hack That'll Make Your Life Easier
Courtesy of: bracketsmackdown.com

If you aren’t aware of this then it would be a great deal for you. All you have to do is take one spare pair of headphones and plug it into the microphone jack. You have the microphone ready! The voice quality of it wouldn’t be exactly the same but it worth it in case when you don’t have one.

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